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When looking for new wine business opportunities, a specialised wine broker is the best approach to skip long distances and simplify your trade activities.

Since 2015, Tincho Wines has been assisting wine partners vertically, from sourcing (wine lands) until final destination markets.

Importers (on & off trade), distributors and retail stores have benefited from our services.


Wines from New World have managed to open new frontiers with our assistance; and European producers expanded their business, both in the continent and abroad.

Countries who have trusted on us include: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Georgia...and counting!!!

Martin Cabado, owner & leader of Tincho Wines, has deep roots in the wine world. Born in Argentina, his ancestors come from Piemonte & Galicia, both renowned wine lands, plus has travelled Mendoza to find right partners from his homeland.After several years developing professionally in the private corporate world, he is fully dedicated these days to his true passion: to expand Wine business beyond its own frontiers!

Welcome to Tincho Wines!

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